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Beyond the road: Roof Top Tents the better way to camp

Posted by Administrator on 5/27/2014 to Roof Top Tents

Beyond the road: Roof Top Tents the better way to camp

It’s not everyday you can transform something so important to your life as your automobile in a way that completely revolutionizes the way you use and perceive it.  A Roof Top Tent by Bigfoot Tents does just that.  Imagine waking up in your new roof top tent in a place that nobody else has ever camped before.  A place so far off the trail no one dare pitch a traditional tent because of incline, vegetation, rocks or other obstructions.  Imagine pulling into a rest stop or Wal-mart  and knocking out a quick 30 minute nap because your eyelids have become heavier than driving should allow.  The versatility of a roof top tent and the ability to inject yourself beyond the scope of traditional campers with the use of your very own vehicle is nothing short of terrific!

Scope and Range of Roof Top Tent Use

We have found it incredibly difficult to measure the the possible range and scope of roof top tents.  This is truly a product without extensive limitations.  Most if not all 4x4 or adventure drivin drivers should own and operate a roof top tent for personal enjoyment and a greater scope of use of their current camping vehicle whether it be a car, truck or S.U.V.  Jeeps as well as Fj Cruiser have been some of the most popular vehicles driven by our customers who have chosen to own a roof top tent from Bigfoot Tents.  We have also noticed an increase in customers of toyota  and Subaru.  

Roof Top Tent Installation versatility

As time goes by we see more and more roof top tent owners converting their existing factory rack systems over to aftermarket rack systems like Baja Rack or other brand name roof rack systems.  They are also referred to as adventure racks or expedition racks.  The amazing part of being an owner of a Bigfoot Roof Top Tent is the ultimate versatility of the fastening hardware.  It really installs easily onto almost all rack systems with cross bars that are not wider than 1.5’’ or so.  We have intalled our roof top tents in mere minutes on almost every vehicle known to man.  You could say we are the Roof Top Tent Gurus or the end all be all of quality affordable roof top tents.  

Overtime learning to transform your way of traditional camping will be something you never forget our roof top tents are a product like no other offering freedom and fluidity that should really come standard with all vehicles.


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