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Roof Top Tents

Bigfoot Tents America's Finest Crafted Roof Top Tents 

We have been designing and manufacturing Roof Top Tents for you to enjoy with features and attributes that can only be found at Bigfoot Roof Top Tents since 2010. We take your car camping experience seriously no matter where you are in America.  We test every roof top tent design to make sure the tents will serve you well when you are on your outdoor adventures. Built to stand up to the elements and natures hazards. A bigfoot Tent gives you more confidence in what you do no matter where you do it. 

Roof Top Tents 

Roof Top Tents can offer an ability to use your car or truck in a way that most people would never think of SLEEPING ON THE ROOF. This concept of vehicle camping is new to many but old hat for some. As children, we always slept in the bed of the truck. We didn't have state of the art roof racks to bolt lightweight composite roof top tents.

In the outdoor camping, the world was turned upside down by the influx of cheap rooftop tents created from inferior materials.  This situation gave the opportunity for Bigfoot Roof Top Tents to come to market with a substantial increase in the overall quality due to our insatiable need for high quality and only high quality materials. This fact alone has led to a better product and in turn our companies success selling roof top tents all over the world but especially here in North America and the U.S.A. 

When people are putting their trust in a product like this to be making plans to go off into the wilderness they are counting on the fact their camping equipment will hold up especially things like their roof top tent.  This is why we push the quality issue so hard.  The last thing we want is a phone call of a person who was unable to enjoy their camping experience because of a roof top tent malfunction.

10 Things to consider before buying a Roof Top Tent

  1. Who will be using the Roof Top Tent?

  2. What vehicle will you be using?

  3. What Roof Rack will you mount the Roof Top Tent to?

  4. Does the Roof Rack match your Roof Top Tent?

  5. How much will you be using the Roof-top Tent?

  6. Where will you store the tent when not in use?

  7. Do you want a “soft” style Roof Top Tent or a Hard Shell Roof Top Tent?

  8. Will you be using the Roof Top Tent more than a normal person?

  9. Do you want a New or Used Roof Top Tent?

  10. Are you ready to take delivery of your Roof Top Tent?

Give Bigfoot Tents a chance to supply you with your Roof Top Tent and you won't be sorry.  Our warranty and free shipping are the best out of all Roof Top Tent Companies. We look forward to talking to you about our Roof Top Tents.
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Explorer Series Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Blk/Grn
Average Rating(5)
$3,537.00  $2,476.00
In stock 7 to 14 days average delivery time Free Shipping
Explorer Series Hard Shell Roof Top Tent
Average Rating(11)
$3,537.00  $2,476.00
In stock 7 to 14 days average delivery time Free Shipping
Ranger Series Roof Top Tent - Quick Car Top Tent
Average Rating(2)
In Stock 10 to 14 days shipping Free Shipping
Xplorer Series Aluminum Roof Top Tent
Average Rating(0)
$3,599.00  $2,976.00
In stock 7 to 14 days average delivery time Free Shipping