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Roof Top Tents vs. Terrestrial Tents

Posted by Administrator on 6/15/2015 to Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tents vs. Terrestrial Tents

Update 6/15/2015 Roof Top Tents vs. Terrestrial Tents

After years now of comparing and selling the different styles of roof top tent that can be combined with car's, truck's and s.u.v.'s it is still in 2015 our never ending belief that everyone should try a roof top tent from our company to join the ever growing ranks of happy roof top tent owners. At some point with one of your vehicles add a roof top tent by Bigfoot Roof Top Tent Company and set the automobile to new heights of camping experiences. It will only take one time and you will understand how amazing it is to turn your car into a camping car!

Roof Top Tent

When comparing these two valuable and equally important outdoor shelters there are some very evident differences others not so much. As we considered what was the most important factors in comparing and reviewing these types of camping tents two main factors came to mind weather and access. Roof Top Tents vs. Terrestrial Tents (Regular Tents) in regard to weather we found that in most light rain showers or average gusts of wind they type of tent didn't matter much. When testing in more tumultuous conditions like heavy rain, Harder gust of wind and snow the Roof Top Auto Tent was second to none. As far as weather is concerned the heavy-duty construction of the Bigfoot Roof Top Tents proved to be much more stable than the lighter poled terrestrial tents. When it came to keeping the rain at bay the R.T.T again did a much better job than the T.T did.
Roof Top Tents vs. Terrestrial Tents in regard to access we found some surprising data. On one hand Roof Top Tents being attached to a car, truck or SUV prohibited us from packing it up a mountain or your favorite hiking trail by foot but what people told us they were doing was using both style tents when planning more than 1 day or over night hikes. Other responders to our questionnaire told us their Roof Top Tent allows them much more ability to camp in places that are Rocky, Wet, Muddy, Brushy or filled with pests basically anywhere they can park their car or truck which was almost anywhere their hearts could brave. A standard Tent or a Terrestrial Tent it better be flat, smooth and free of debris or pest or you won't have a chance of sleeping like an owner of a Bigfoot Roof Top Tent.

If you can get past the hazards of sleeping on the ground a standard tent is much cheaper than a Roof Top Tent but truly no other form of camping can compare to a Roof Top Tent comfort without taking away from the traditional camping experience.
If you have any questions regarding our Bigfoot Roof Top Tents please contact us we love to talk!

By M.J Proctor Google+

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Tilly Wilson
Date: 7/10/2015
This says a lot about how you feel about your customers and your Bigfoot Roof Top Tents. Thanks for the tip I feel better about sleeping on top of the car now. I got my roof racks at in Costa Mesa on Harbor Blvd. used for $119.00 can't beat that so I appreciate Bigfoot Employees recommendation to try there first.

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