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Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

Hard Shell Rooftop Tents: The Explorer Series

Hard Shell Rooftop Tents are not a hard sell.

They practically jump off our shelves because people know how great they are for roadside or parking-lot camping—or just for napping after spending a long time behind the wheel.

Hard Shell Rooftop Tents open and close in a jiffy. You mount one atop your car or in the bed of your truck before you start your trip and you’re guaranteed a comfortable, secure shelter whenever you’re ready to pull off the road.

Bigfoot Rooftop Tent

Want to park next to the shoreline of a gorgeous river, lake or ocean? Hard Shell Rooftop Tents give you an instant room with a view.

Want to stop adjacent a towering, snow-capped peak? Open one of these Hard Shell Rooftop Tents and you’ll be on top of the world as you recline on the cushiony mattress inside and marvel at the vistas just outside the flap.

Our Hard Shell Rooftop Tents stay mounted to your vehicle the entire time you use them. No unloading, spreading out on the ground, and then fumbling around for stakes and poles and the like. Just press a button and up it pops, ready for immediate occupancy.

Puts away just as easily to get you back on the road in minutes, happily headed to your next fun destination.

Hard Shell Rooftop Tents combine comfort with amazing convenience, all at an affordable price.

We make our Hard Shell Rooftop Tents from state-of-the-art materials that keep you dry when the sky pours rain and fully shaded when the sun beats down from high above. These materials don’t weigh much but are extremely rugged.

Go fishing, go hunting. Pull over and watch a parade pass by. Use our Hard Shell Rooftop Tents as a watch tower from which you can keep a sharp eye on your property. The uses for these shelters are limited only by your imagination!

Bigfoot Vehicular Shelter Model 5590 is among our top-selling Hard Shell Rooftop Tents. Fits

most cars or trucks. Roomy enough for two adults, a child and one pet

Here’s what makes it unique:

·         Comes with a easy-open/close Duck Back Hard Shell

·         Easy to lift and position aluminum ladder stairs

·         Made of waterproof, U.V.-resistant polyester

·         Works with Thule, Yakima, most other roof-rack systems

·         Total weight 141 pounds

·         Height when folded away 1.3 feet

·         Doubles as cargo carrier

·         Helps you save gas

·           Includes a poplin mattress, 50% cotton

·         Interior mini-light bright enough for reading

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